sandstone 030Oz Rock Excavations has worked hard to establish and master the most up-to-date methods of providing their clients with an unbeatable service. With a balanced mix of Modern Machinery and Traditional Techniques, Oz Rock has obtained the name; “The Sandstone Retaining Wall Specialists”.

All of the sandstone blocks are only made to the highest quality right here at Oz Rock. Click here (link to gallery) to check out a few samples of the sandstone blocks Oz Rock’s created in the past. They do everything from start to finish; not only making the blocks, but also aiding in the design process of your layout, transporting the sandstone and installing them to your exact layout preferences.

Oz Rock also specialize in a natural concept which uses local stone boulders to create gardens, waterfalls and even prevent erosion in water ways, creeks or dams. We love a challenge and won’t stop working until your project becomes a garden masterpiece.

Our full list of services includes

  • Sandstone Retaining Walls
  • Sawn sandstone Retaining Walls
  • Rock Faced Sawn Sandstone Retaining Walls
  • Natural Boulder Gardens
  • Solutions for retaining wall design
  • All aspects of excavation from home site preparation and bulk excavation
  • Truck and Bulk Haulage